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Brev Spread now operates along three tracks: 1) the seasonal small issues (30-50 pages each) published in .pdf or other similar formatsthe genres to be considered for these issues are detailed below; 2) the monthly installments published at our website as individual webpagesthese will consist of the genres to be excluded from the seasonal issues, and each will be accompanied with some thoughts from the staff; and 3) the staffs personal weekly and occasional writings. Submissions will be considered for the first two tracks.


Our editor has written an updated and detailed statement of our aesthetics, ethics, and goals, and because we wanted to focus on producing smaller issues, our priorities when considering artworks have changed, especially concerning genre. Beyond the aforementioned statement, you can find out even more about our tastes through downloading and reading our latest issues for free. With the themes stated in the calendar above in mind, for our digital issues our priorities begin in the following order, with each tier given with the total number of works we will consider per contributor:

These genres will comprise our seasonal issues:

Art3 to 5 pieces

Poetry3 to 5 pieces

Essays10-20 pages

These genres will comprise our websites monthly installments:

Fiction10-20 pages

Drama1020 pages

Otherconsider the above

TranslationsDepends on the genre, which will then accord with the above. Translations can go in either our seasonal issue or our monthly instalments.

Submit artworks, poetry, playwriting, and experimental writings as you would like them to appear on the screen were they to be acceptedplease include media used and other typically relevant work attributions with each artwork submission. Fiction, essays, and generally non-fiction will be formatted according to house stylesubmit these genres in 1.5 line spacing. Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but there will be no simultaneous publications; if we accept a simultaneously submitted work, we will inform you and ask that you withdraw the relevant work from considerations at other magazines or journals.

We’re open to all kinds of works, but we’re hoping to publish the purest art magazine every stated season. Though we hope to receive the highest quality of works, we also hope to be forced to reject many of themsuch will testify to the high and demanding quality of the works to be received.

We’re thankful for every submission, and we’re looking forward to sharing the future with you.