He be just a Gentle Ol’ Nazi, Ay

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Helmut Oberlander

Canada continues to harbor Nazis after a 92-year-old Nazis member, Helmut Oberlander, wins a pivotal court case which would “[boost] his chance of staying in the country”; that’s if he could still remember where his lives.

At 17 Oberlander was a translator for the Nazi’s Einsatzkommando mobile killing squads, murdering over 2 million people in Europe, many of whom were Jewish people.

Oberlander’s lawyer, Robert Poulton, got a raging hard on after hearing the good news, saying in a phone interview, “It’s taken a great toll on his family. It’s been tiring and difficult and unnecessary and now the supreme court–the highest court–has told the government that it’s enough.” According to Poulton, the legal process in Canada is like being separated from your family and guided into gas chambers.

Head of the Centre of Israel and Jewish Affairs, Shimon Fogel, made sure that bastard wouldn’t escape his viper grip as he shouted from Mount Zion that Oberlander “lied about his complicity in these atrocities and gained Canadian citizenship fraudulently…he should be deported without further delay.”

One good thing that came out of this case was that for the last seventy-years of that man’s life, he and his family were tortured with legal procedures and bureaucracy, but then again, we all go through it whenever we visit the DMV.

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