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Footloose is a dance studio located at the heart of Okinawa City near Koza, ran by my dear friend and colleague, Marisel Hayden, a former army woman, who applies the same diligence, discipline and professionalism into her studio as she did when she served in the army.  

Her studio mainly includes children from ages five to fifteen, and covers a broad range of dance styles, from Broadway to ballet to hip-hop. I had the pleasure to watch her studio perform an array of Broadway songs 19 May 2016, performing excerpts from musicals such as Annie, West Side Story, and The Phantom of the Opera, to name a few, and was impressed by the intellectualism that went into the production.

Although some of the children are in the process of discovering themselves through the art of dance, I was very impressed by those who embodied catharsis, intelligence and humanity that flourishes through these songs. Miuta Price and choreographer Cerrin Lathrop in the piece “Lost,” to Han Zimmers’s theme song of the cerebral film, Inception, captured the idea of being “lost” through gestures. Every action made sense for the spectator. On a dark stage Price was curled into a fetal position. When she stood up, her body was conscious, hard, heavy, and deliberate, like the horns and the strings; but at other moments she was gentle and warm as the sustaining piano notes, blending both ballet and theater, as she leaped across the stage and balanced on a single leg. A lot of consideration went into the gestures, and the display of intellectualism was the most enjoyable part for me.

I laud Hayden for her discipline and professionalism, and thankful every time she invites me and other colleagues to her passion. Many of her students went on to win awards in local and international competitions like The 6th Ryukyu International Ballet Competition, International Carnival 2015, and Mt. Ballet 2014. If you’re interested in enrolling your child into her program, her contact information will be at the bottom of the article.


Studio phone number: 098-989-8160

Cell phone number: 070-6596-2916


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