RPG Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

My guidelines are rather simple.

1. It has to be in English

2. Please don’t expect a detailed answer and try to understand criticism also takes time. Most likely if I can’t enjoy it in 20 minutes to an hour, most likely I will not see it through the end.

But please allow me to expound on my intentions.


My Story

Here is my story explaining why I’m interested in the game design. To make a long story short, games have been passion since my childhood.

One afternoon my colleague accosted me if I could do evil knowing that it was evil, prompting me to retort appropriately with some questions: Who set up the parameters of good and evil? Do you mean good in the Christian sense? Do you mean it in the humanitarian sense? Could you possibly mean it in the selfish sense? I pursued the argument offering an anecdote about my mother preventing me from playing video games during the school year. Although video games were not permitted, I rather have done that than anything else during that time. Was I evil?

Two hours prior to school I’d wake up to play Final Fantasy Tactics on Playstation I. My mother hid the console from my brother and me in our bedroom, trusting us that we were subservient to her laws. But that was impossible for me. Her intentions were “good” in the sense that being a studious person was the absolute archetypal business man, someone who could earn a decent wage in his adulthood.

Yet I learned more from entertaining my game impulses than school has ever granted, surreptitiously searching for the step chair in the morning, plugging the analog cables into the tv set, and fortifying my characters through repetitious battles with enemies, calculating the rate of experience points per hour. Well the latter statement is rather false because I just wanted to play. Unfortunately I couldn’t appreciate the storyline until college.

In 2010 I played Final Fantasy Tactics on the Playstation 3 when it had become down-loadable content. This intricate storyline can only be summarized by a general concept: Betrayal. It regarded several plot arcs, but the most interesting one was Delita’s, who was a lower-tier soldier who became vagabond. Yet by the end of the game he climbed the ranks of becoming the king of a country. Most gamers would concentrate on the protagonist’s plot arc, filled with fantasy and challenges, but I was more fascinated in character like Harold Bloom is fascinated with Hamlet. As the gamer can recall with frustration, Delita doesn’t ally with you, teasing you with his skills, and I believe most RPGs should have a good balance between being a story and a game.

I’m currently working on an RPG to find the right blend between the two elements entitled Homies. It might not have the drama of a Square Soft game, and I’d rather say its crass and designed for the laymen. But it has the integrity of a greater force. Rpg Maker VX Ace has given me the equipment to design the game from the bottom to the apex, and there’s a lot of sacrifice that goes into making the game, from designing the map to the director’s instruction. The project wouldn’t seem worth it if it weren’t for some taste of originality aside from the story line.

Our Art Director Timothy Tang has been ingratiating enough to submit original artwork for this mini-RPG that takes about thirty minutes to complete. I implore you to checkout his artwork at Arcade28.com. If you check on our Facebook in “doggy” or “gangster,” he thought that having an aesthetic like Zelda in Windwaker suited the flat background on RPG Maker VX Ace. Please checkout his artwork. You won’t be disappointed.

Please follow my progress on Facebook/Brevspread. Unlike other RPG Maker designers, I’m working with only a single artists. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you, and I hope it finds you well.



John Tang

John Tang writes essays and fiction, and creates RPGs. He’s also the production manager for Brev Spread. You can reach him at Queries@brevspread.com

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